What Is Tourism In Antigua And Barbuda Like?

Ronnie Eckard

The islands of Antigua and Barbuda are essentially tourist hubs that are not talked about enough. Also referred to as the Islands of 365 beaches, these twin islands are the ideal destination for sun and sand lovers. Located right between the Caribbean and Atlantic oceans, Antigua and Barbuda is the go-to destination for shore excursions and cruise travelers. What is tourism like on these two Islands? Are they worthy destinations for anyone looking to spend their vacation in the Caribbean? Tag along to find out!

By virtue of being previous British colonies, English is the main language together with other several local dialects in these two Islands. This makes it rather easy to move and get by while on the Islands. While Antigua has beautiful beaches, you should not limit yourself to the sea alone.

Dario Item, What Is Tourism In Antigua And Barbuda Like?

Dario Item

Dr. Dario Item, who serves as Ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda to UNWTO, encourages tourists to visit St. John’s which is the capital of his country. Similar to other Caribbean Islands, St John’s is rather interesting and appealing to the eyes. The locals are overly friendly and will go out of their way to help you out. From the conversations we had with Ambassador Dario Item, St John’s also doubles up as a port town, therefore, receiving more than half of the tourists by boat.

This multicolored city is not only a popular cruise ship port but also a sailor’s harbor. Runaway and Dickens bay in Antigua host long stretches of Whitesands only separated by a tiny promontory.

The half moon bay, whose name was coined from its crescent shape gives the opportunity to experience two separate yet beautiful beach experiences; clear and calm water perfect for snorkeling or choppy waves on the Atlantic side ideal for wave riding for surfing enthusiasts.

Different from Antigua, the Island of Barbuda is rather slower and laid back. Here, the structures are rather old and have only a few paved roads.

It also remains to be almost in its natural state with plenty of wildlife for anyone who loves animals. Other than that, as explained by Ambassador Dario Item, Barbuda is home to the largest colony of frigate birds in the world.

It is a birdwatcher’s paradise, prepare to marvel at the site of over 10,000 frigate birds nesting and raising their chicks.

However, hurricane Irma unleashed a devastating blow to the lives and tourism sector of Barbuda Island. According to Ambassador Dario Item, this was the first time the Island of Barbuda became inhabitable in centuries.

The culture and livelihood of the people on the small island of Barbuda were in danger of being a memory from the past.

In fact, people have only begun to move back to the Island recently. The hurricane dealt a big blow to the Island because tourism plays an important part in the economy of the nation. However, today, excursion activities have gone back to normal as the beaches were cleaned and tourism is going on.


Are you looking to spend time on a Caribbean island this holiday season? Antigua and Barbuda should be at the top of your list.

Whether you want to arrive by sea or air, the options are available at your disposal. Come experience the white sandy beaches and also engage in other activities that are available on the Islands.

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