2 x Vensmile Solar Snake Repellent Mole Repeller Control Outdoor Rodent Gopher Vole Chaser for Garden Law Yard and Waterproof



  • DOUBLE EFFECTIVE: 312S Send out a vibration in every 55 seconds by a electric motors , the snake sense vibrations as danger signals like people sense danger when have a earthquake , so snake treat it as a symbol of danger and will quickly move out the area normally never to return
  • ELECTRIC MOTORS: VENSMILE Snake repeller built-in a electric motors, it can emitting a 2x vibration than other device for chased away snakes, also increased the effective range
  • SOLAR POWERED: 312s built-in the best 4.8W Monocrystalline solar panel and 2x 1200mA recharge battery, perfect provide this device work 24 hours
  • UP to 7500 Square feet of coverage range, so they can be placed approx 40 m (130ft) apart to get optimum coverage, it is always recommended to use two or more units to get the best results
  • 100% HUMAIN and SAFE, No Toxic Chemicals, is safe for use around pets and children

Product Description

VENSMILE Solar Powered Mole Repeller-VS 312S

No Toxic Chemicals, No traps: VENSMILE solar powered sonic pest repeller offers a safe way to drive away snakes, moles, voles, gophers, shrews and other burrowing rodents. Every 55 seconds, vibration pulses penetrate the soil, vibration which is irritating to snakes and moles who are virtually blind and extremely sensitive to vibrations. This method encourages snakes and moles to leave the property and the solar operated spike continues to discourage return visits
Built-in Electric motors, it emit stronger vibration and further effective range (7500 Square feet)


• Theory: Vibration
• Material: ABS plastic and corrosion-proof aluminum.
• Rechargeable battery (incl.): 2pcs NI-MH, 1.2V/1200mAh
• Net product weight(g): 325g
• Vibration frequency: Vibration 5 seconds every 55 seconds

Package Included:
2 x VENSMILE Solar Snake Repeller
1 x Manual

IMPORTANT: Pleaes Read Follow Before You Install Repeller Device:

1. When using the device for the first time you might find more mole hills than usual in the garden. This does not means it’s not working. The mole notices a change in its environment and wants to find out where the change is coming from and if it can be eliminated. In the long run the sound will be annoying to the mole and he will start moving away from it. So please wait 2-4 weeks patiently to see the mole repellent result
2. Try not to “encircle” the mole with a number of repellents. He will have no way out. Start by placing one or more mole repellents opposite to the area where you want to drive a mole to. We recommend to start near the wall of the house.
3. When first install and use this repeller, please do it step by step as the user guide in the box



2 x Vensmile Solar Snake Repellent Mole Repeller Control Outdoor Rodent Gopher Vole Chaser for Garden Law Yard and Waterproof – Product Information

  • Product Dimensions: 6.2 x 6.2 x 14.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.9 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 1.9 pounds

Solar Snake Repellent

Solar Snake Repellent – You could utilize the repellent in the yard locations and yard to secure. It from the problem brought on by stray pets. It has usually been observed that Critter Ridder repellents are very risk-free. But preference and smell nasty for the pets to steer clear of from the place where you spray it. Set up an activity detector sprayer in the locations where you are experiencing most damage. You could mount an activity detector sprayer in your blossoms adjacent to your mailbox so the next time a dog tries to spray they will obtain splashed instead. This would certainly additionally enable dog proprietors to maintain their furry pals away from the flowers !!!

I am a honored owner of a dog and frequently obtain crucial dog products for him. Lately, I was looking online about the different ways to maintain dogs away from the yard, and discovered fascinating information that I have actually shared with this article.  In the light of Just how do you identify a woodchuck? Look for a brown, heavily layered animal with tiny ears and also beady little brown eyes, around 16 – 20 inches in length with a six-inch tail. Weighing anywhere in between 6 as well as 12 pounds. They have short, solid legs created for digging and large front incisors.

Regardless of their stocky look. Woodchucks complete swimmers and In the light of periodically climb trees to check their surroundings or leave when gone after. Luckily for them, they do not have many killers to stress over as a result of their dimension Save up to. Although foxes, hawks, raccoons, coyotes, as well as dogs will certainly go after their young.

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