2 x Vensmile Solar Sonic Mole Repellent Gopher Repeller Repel Vole Rodent And Mice Deterrent Spike



  • EFFECTIVE: VENSMILE Mole Repeller emits sonic waves for 3 seconds with 20-second intervals, which to rodents sound like their natural danger signals so cause them to avoid the area around it about 8,000 sq.ft. VENSMILE Mole Repellent protect your gardens and lawns from moles, voles, mice, rats and other burrowing animals
  • ✔ WORKING DAY AND NIGHT: VENSMILE Solar Powered Sonic Pest Repeller is powered by a solar cell, a rechargeable accumulator collecting power for operation at night. When the accumulator is fully charged, it can supply enough power for the dark hours, thus ensuring a continuous around-the-clock operation
  • ✔ CHEMICAL-FREE and SAFE: VENSMILE Mole Repeller is safe for use around pets and children. No need chemicals, poison sprays or traps
  • ✔ WEATHERPROOF: ONE piece design, no any depart part, prevent water permeating from slit
  • ✔ WARRANTY: VENSMILE Product Have 60 days Money Back and 12 Months Replace service

Product Description

VENSMILE Solar Sonic Pest Repeller offers a poison-free and humane way to drive away harmful moles, voles, gophers, and other burrowing rodents

VENSMILE solar-powered vole repeller device generates quartz vibrations 3 sec in 20 sec intervals within a frequency range of 400 Hz~1000 Hz.
We outdoor tests showed that these sounds have an optimum effective area of approx. 800 sq.ft, depending on condition of your garden soil.
VENSMILE mole chaser spike can be used in the garden, in the field or in other outdoor areas with unwanted rodents which life in your ground.

USEFUL AGAINST: Mole and molehill, burrowing animals and vole, shrew, mice, ground rodents, serpent, snake, rodents, Gekko, and many more
HOUSING: Weatherproof

・Solar Panel Input: 4V/200mA
・Rechargeable battery capacity: 800mA
・Solar panel size: 70mm*70mm
・Recharge input: 4.2V 35mA

To drive a mole or vole successfully and permanently from your property, please note:
1. When using the device for the first time you might find more mole hills than usual in the garden. This is quite normal.
The mole notices a change in its environment and wants to find out where the change is coming from and if it can be eliminated.
In the long run the sound will be annoying to the mole and he will start moving away from it
2. Try not to “encircle” the mole with a number of repellents. He will have no way out. Start by placing one or more mole repellents
opposite to the area where you want to drive a mole to. We recommend to start near the wall of the house.
3. When first install and use this repeller, please do it step by step as the user guide in the box



2 x Vensmile Solar Sonic Mole Repellent Gopher Repeller Repel Vole Rodent And Mice Deterrent Spike – Product Information

Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 3.8 x 3.8 inches

Item Weight: 1 pounds

Shipping Weight: 1 pounds

Solar Sonic Mole Repellent

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