I Must Garden Groundhog Repellent – 32oz Concentrate (Woodchucks)



  • Powerful year-round protection against Groundhog/Woodchuck damage
  • All Natural – Safe for People, Pets, and the Environment
  • Long-lasting and Rain-resistant
  • Pleasant Scent – No Foul Odors
  • Great Value – Covers up to 10,000 Sq Ft

Product Description

I Have To Garden Groundhog Repellent is an eco safe, humane, as well as reliable way to prevent groundhogs from consuming plants, flowers, and also bark. It incorporates all-natural ingredients and agricultural oils from plants that groundhogs naturally prevent– giving you maximum security against the specific risk of groundhog damages.

Safeguard your lawn and also yard without making use of dangerous chemicals or frustrating catches. Safe to make use of around individuals pets.


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I Must Garden Groundhog Repellent – 32oz Concentrate (Woodchucks) – Product Information

  • Item Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 2.5 pounds

Groundhog Repellent

Groundhog Repellent – Any entrap creature will definitely attack and also actually hostile. Carry out certainly not attempt to family pet the caught creature. If it is actually warm as well as very hot. You might desire to toss a disposable towel over the catch to supply the woodchuck along with some cover.

Suppose you assume there might actually actually a skunk?. That is actually yet another short article!

List low is actually a photo of some of the various woodchucks. That i have actually caught in genesee county. Michigan.

Just how to maintain infestation coming from troubling your veggie backyard!

3. Quart as well as one-half quart dairy containers In the light of put invert on slim risks crash the ground. When the wind disturbs the containers around the sound are going to commonly frighten birds.

Bunnies. Groundhogs. As well as various other rats: my landscape utiliz to come afflict through groundhogs as well as bunnies. They truly delight in consuming grain vegetations. Green vegetations. Tomato vegetation origins. Lettuce. When And also lots of various other veggies Compare prices.

Nearly any type of suitable backyard facility or even baby’s room will certainly market internet. That you In the light of utilize to deal with plants (specifically rry shrubs) to safeguard all of them coming from birds. There are actually kinds. When That are actually much more bird pleasant at. That point others in conditions of the potential of a bird to end up ing knott.

1. Entrap all of them as well as relocate all of them to one more location. There are actually lots of sorts of non-lethal snares to come locat. Having said. That . You ne to get in touch with neighborhood guidelines to sure you are actually made it possible for to snare creatures in your region.