Messina Wildlife’s Animal Stopper, 2.5 Pounds


  • Animal Stopper can be used to deter deer, rabbits, groundhogs and most other common herbivore pests from low level foraging, entry and nesting
  • Made of organic ingredients and safe for use around fruits and vegetables
  • Does not smell like rotten eggs
  • Animal Stopper is applied approximately every 30 days, regardless of weather and watering
  • Can be used around flowers or garden areas to prevent foraging and burrowin

Product Description

Tired of that rotten egg smell that you may get with other deer repellents? This stuff smells good, AND stops deer damage! An effective, pleasant-smelling, granular animal repellent for use in beds or as a perimeter deterrent for deer, rabbits, groundhogs, skunks, and other common garden pests. Can be used around flowers or garden areas to prevent foraging and burrowing. Works by smell and taste and will not wash off in rain. Apply once a month. The 2.5 lb. container of granules covers 1,800 square ft. 2 & 1/2 pound can. Active ingredients: Putrescent whole egg solids, mint oil, rosemary oil, and cinnamon oil. Animal Stopper is applied approximately every 30 days, regardless of weather and watering



Messina Wildlife’s Animal Stopper, 2.5 Pounds – Product Information

  • Shipping Weight: 2.5 pounds

Messina Wildlife’s Animal Stopper

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