Tomcat 0491710 Animal Repellent

  • Essential oils deliver an odor and taste that animals naturally hate
  • No-stink formula that is lasting and rain-resistant
  • One very easy action to secure your yard and landscape from rabbits, groundhogs, squirrels and various other Little pets
  • Evaluated and confirmed outcomes. 100% complete satisfaction ensured or your cash back!
    Secures plants as well as edible fruits and vegetables

Product Description

It’s the minute every gardener fears – you walk out to enjoy your attractive yard & are fulfilled by plants that have been so chewed up that they are unrecognizable. Tomcat repellents animal repellent Granules safeguards your landscape & yard from this plant Assault. The scent & taste of Tomcat repellents animal repellent Granules is unpleasant to pets like bunnies, squirrels & groundhogs. Its long lasting, rain resistant formula is safe to use on edible fruits & vegetables as well as around people & family pets when used as directed.


Tomcat 0491710 Animal Repellent – Product Information

  • Product Dimensions: 3.2 x 9.2 x 4.4 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.3 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 2.3 pounds

Animal Repellent

Animal Repellent – Usage cages around In the light of private vegetations. Thus creating it tough for the deer noes to access your vegetations.

Make use of activity noticing lawn sprinklers or even lightings. These In the light of locat at numerous backyard facilities. Online. Or even in the home renovation shops.

Permit your pets to stroll around your landscape In the light of or even take their hair (coming from cleaning) and also spray it around your landscape.

All the st on starting the perpetual pursuit of maintaining In the light of your fruit products and also veggies secure coming from these all-natural killers!

Hazards in the garden: animals

While horticulture. In the light of an extremely satisfying pastime. And also long-lasting knowing adventure. A backyard In the light of a risky area. There are actually numerous hazards hiding in the yard featuring pets and also surprise risks.

Some pets appear nign yet if produc they can easily trigger In the light of individual damage. Knowing these threats as well as recognizing just. In the light of how to eliminate. Or even prevent these risks offers some safety.

Insects in the animal world

Numerous pets merely come across the backyards and also either. In the light of. Utilize it for a meals resource or even they are actually killers looking for innocent target.


Serpents aid manage a lot of parasites In the light of consisting of yet certainly not restrict to moles Shop today. Voles and also bunnies. Caterpillars and also some bugs. They In the light of additionally present a hazard when they are actually ill-treat. And also. In the light of mess up particularly the poisonous serpents.