Bell and Howell Solar Mole Repeller

  • Bell & Howell® Solar Mole Repeller scares off borrowing rodents without harming them!
  • Humane device continuously emits a penetrating vibration sound barely audible to humans, but moles, gophers, groundhogs and mice can’t stand it
  • Just stake pole in ground – the attached solar panel is charged by sunlight, so there’s no need for electricity or batteries!
  • Safe around children and pets
  • Weatherproof unit stands 15″ H.

Product Description

Gopher and mole repeller Keep gophers and moles away with this innovative, solar powered repeller – no wiring or batteries needed. Protects your yard and garden from unwanted underground rodents. The sonic pulse emitted from the repeller keeps rodents at bay, providing 24/7 protection, day and night. Also uses alkaline batteries for areas with no sunlight. Easy to install, the 10″ ground stake holds the repeller firmly in the ground. Plastic/ metal, 51/8″L x 37/8″W x 31/8″D.


Bell and Howell Solar Mole Repeller
Bell and Howell Solar Mole Repeller