Havahart 5270 Spray Away Motion Activated Sprinkler Animal Repellent

  • Protects up to 1,900 square feet of gardens, yards and ponds.
  • Infrared technology
  • Sleek design and four simple sensitivity settings – Low, Medium, High, Off

Havahart Spray Away Motion-Activated Sprinkler Animal Repellent
A Compact as well as Effective Movement Triggered Lawn Sprinkler for Warding Off a Wide Range of Nuisance Animals

Safeguard your lawn from animal intruders with one of the most discreet as well as effective motion-activated lawn sprinkler animal repellent on the marketplace. Havahart Spray Away is a chemical-free animal deterrent that repels animals utilizing only water; an infrared sensor enables Spray Away to look for animal heat and also motion, and upon detection Spray Away launches a shocking jet of water certain to scare off any kind of creature in its course. This recently developed portable system is furnished with a full-size infrared sensor, a leak-free twin hose link, less complex level of sensitivity setups and easier attributes. Install Spray Away to keep deer out of your flowerbeds, rabbits out of your vegetable yards and also heron away from your cherished koi fish pond.

Havahart Spray Away repels a vast array of annoyance animals – from squirrels to deer – without the use of hazardous chemicals. Just what’s more, it successfully saves power as well as water, competing as much as three months on one 9V battery (not included) and using only 2-3 cups of water per spray.

Streamlined Level Of Sensitivity Settings Reduce Upkeep Time

Rather than having numerous setups to adjust repeatedly, Spray Away provides 4 basic view settings – High, Tool, Reduced as well as Off. Simply select the right one for your yard based upon the user friendly graph consisted of with your device.

Tough Step-In Risk Protects Spray Away in the Ground

An improved step-in risk is stirrup-free, allowing you to even more easily protected Spray Away right into the ground.

Smart Caution System Alerts Aid in a Quick Setup

Just like all Spray Away versions, this set has a distinct Smart Warning LED that signals you when it senses motion when its battery is low. By doing this you could establish and test Spray Away without splashing, and know precisely when it’s time to alter the battery.

Vegetable Gardens

Safeguard edible plants from raccoons as well as deer by positioning Spray Away within your veggie yard.


Conceal the discreet unit amongst your blossoms to avoid them from damaging rabbits.

Fish Fish ponds

Keep birds and other killers far from your fish with a fending off service that is risk-free to use around fish ponds as well as streams.

Building Borders

Placement one system every 25 feet around the perimeter of your property to shut out area dogs and felines.

Product Description

If you’re trying to find a low-maintenance, natural alternative to chemical repellents, Havahart Spray Away is just exactly what you require. This easy-to-operate tool makes use of safe ruptureds of water to maintain bunnies, deer, raccoons, squirrels and numerous various other annoyance pests far from your lawn, yards, ponds and also residence. This practical motion-activated lawn sprinkler gadget will successfully frighten away several sizes of pet insects with simply 4 simple setups. Despite its tiny size, Spray Away can shielding up to 1,900 sq. ft. of your house from your most consistent bugs. In addition, this all-natural repellent approach isn’t really dangerous to your family or pets, as well as unlike chemical repellents, it’s also healthy for your lawn. To minimize irritation and also set up time, Spray Away includes a pre-installed sprinkler head to get your gadget operating in no time.



Havahart 5270 Spray Away Motion Activated Sprinkler Animal Repellent
Havahart 5270 Spray Away Motion Activated Sprinkler Animal Repellent