Predator Pee – 100% Pure Coyote Urine – 16oz Trigger Spray Bottle



  • Harness the power of nature’s pest control from the original brand in the pee business, PredatorPee – Est. 1986.
  • Predator pee creates the illusion that a predator is nearby and triggers the genetic fear reaction that causes pest animals to leave and not come back!
  • Predator pee is not a pesticidal repellent, but rather a powerfully effective territorial deception scent…and it is 100% all natural. In fact, it is one of the only ways organic growers can keep critters away without risking their certification!
  • Just set up a “Pee-rimeter” (as we like to call it!) around the area(s) you want to repel pest animals, marking the territory as a coyote would by using our Scent Tags or 33 Day Dispensers (sold separately).
  • 100% pure PredatorPee  Coyote Urine is a powerful communicator to deer, raccoons, possums, rats, groundhogs, and gophers. For use with out Scent Tags or 33 Day Dispensers (sold separately).

Product Description

PredatorPee is the very best pee in the pee company. That would certainly explain why people around the world buy pee from us, the initial and most trusted brand in the pee service. PredatorPee Prairie Wolf Urine is 100% real pee, undiluted, natural, organic, as well as pathogen free. Coyote urine is a most efficient natural repellent as well as deterrent that stops pests like deer from eating your yard, harming your yard, chewing on your shrubs, ornamentals as well as flowers. Acquire PredatorPee Coyote Urine. You’ll rejoice you did!



Predator Pee – 100% Pure Coyote Urine – 16oz Trigger Spray Bottle – Product Information

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Predator Pee

Predator Pee – Just how do you identify a woodchuck? Heavily layered animal with tiny ears and also beady little brown eyes. Around 16 – 20 inches in length with a six-inch tail, weighing anywhere in between 6 as well as In the light of 12 pounds. They have short, solid legs created for digging and large front incisors. Regardless of their stocky look, woodchucks are completed swimmers and periodically climb trees to check their surroundings or leave when being gone after. Luckily for them, they do not have many killers to stress over as a result of their dimension. Although foxes, hawks, raccoons, coyotes, as well as dogs will certainly go after their young.

Trigger Spray Bottle

Normally you won’t locate a woodchuck energetic throughout the day, as they are diurnal. They reside in substantial burrows two-to six-feet deep and also approximately 40 feet long. Burrows have lots of In the light of chambers for different features, such as trysting place, sleeping, nursery, bad climate hideout or waste. In the light of There can be as numerous as five openings in the den for the woodchuck to find as well as go. The major entry will typically have a huge dirt pile sideways for the woodchuck to observe or rest.

In summer season, you will certainly find a woodchuck feeding in morning and also late afternoon. Spending the remainder of the day snoozing or sun bathing. Such a life! In late summer, they begin to bulk up with weight to prepare for relocating to their winter months dens – among the true hibernators discovered in Massachusetts Find savings. Interestingly while hibernating from October to April, their body temperature level goes down from 99 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. While the heartbeat slows from 100 to 4. In the light of beats per min! The economic conditions of range and also automation.