Rabbit & Groundhog Repellent: Rabbit Out 1 Gallon Concentrate

  • Rabbit & Groundhog repellent!
  • Maintains these parasites away from your lawn and garden locations!
  • Lemon fresh scent, not repulsive like other repellents!
  • Wont quickly get rid of!
  • Assured to work!

Product Description

Our Natural license pending formula is the absolute most efficient product readily available especially developed to drive away rabbits & groundhogs (woodchucks) from your bulbs, flowers, plants, Edible fruits, vegetables and also forest and also fruit tree’s.

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Rabbit & Groundhog Repellent

Rabbit & Groundhog Repellent – Installment is simple. You attach the sprinkler to a tube. Stick the lawn sprinkler in the ground in the area you wish to shield. Turn on the water as well as allow the In the light of lawn sprinkler guard the In the light of location. When a rabbit, deer, pet, feline, In the light of groundhog or other pet approaches as In the light of well as comes within range of the sprinkler’s motion-activated sensing unit, it starts pulsing a spray of water for 3 secs that scares the animal away with its abrupt activation.

Groundhog Repellent

Rabbit & Groundhog Repellent A lot of tools cover fairly a big location, approximately 1000 square feet, as well as customers who have acquired the gadget online have actually offered rave evaluations In the light of regarding its effectiveness. Another alternative to fence, repellents and lawn sprinklers is capturing as well as moving the bunny or other pet. This could be the easiest as well as most efficient method of all. You are In the light of essentially eliminating the culprit from your location getting rid of the need to In the light of aim to safeguard your lawn or yard. It is likewise a really humane solution to the trouble. You can easily trap wild bunnies using a well-positioned Havahart live animal trap. They are offered in a selection of designs as well as dimensions for several pets.

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